Validating textbox in vb net Cell sex date

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Validating textbox in vb net

(Currently, the application's data model contains only the application services tables needed by the .) Let's create a very simple guestbook application where an authenticated user can leave a comment.

In addition to storing guestbook comments, let's allow each user to store his home town, homepage, and signature.

That should do the trick, keep in mind if you want to allow the user to enter decimal values that changes the entire scenario.

What I gave above, after setting the Max/Min should prevent the user from entering any value other then 0-9, you dont even need the validator with the script but, the validator is a backup incase the user turns off scripting, atleast then you have server side validation.

Please be aware that upon submitting this registration form it will be reviewed, and you will be contacted within 24 hours, to confirm your details.As for using javascript to validate, in my example you are not.You are actualy using javascript to limit what can be typed in but falling back on the Range Validator to catch server if the user happens to attempt to remove/turn off scripting.If provided, the user's home town, homepage, and signature will appear on each message he has left in the guestbook.In order to capture the guestbook comments, we need to create a database table named .

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